What is AlgoBox™?

AlgoBox™ is a professional suite of algorithmic tools and strategies for professional traders that utilizes multi-timeframe confluence with a visual and auditory approach which is as simple to use as a video game.
The AlgoBox FlowMaster is the #1 RTOFA (Real Time Order Flow Analysis) suite of tools that provides professional traders with simple to understand, easily interpreted visual analysis of order flow in real time. AlgoBox™ algorithms include many various indicators and multi-timeframe confluence calculations in real-time. By default, AlgoBox™ offers five-level "time frame" charts for a comprehensive top-down analysis approach: Tide, Wave, MAC-V, Ripple A & Ripple B . Most AlgoBox™ default chart templates use proprietary AlgoBars that remove the time element of regular candlesticks, which can help to reveal actual price movements and patterns that can be hidden on standard time charts.

AlgoBox™ Free Trial

If you're thinking about getting started with algorithmic trading and you want to make sure it's right for you, we offer a Free 14 day Trial so you can try the full version of the software on your PC.

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